Everything you need for your Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA)

SORA Tool guides you through all stages of the SORA process and then generates a PDF that can be submitted to the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

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Get an overview

Whether you are new to the SORA methodology or a pro, the tool will guide you through the SORA application as quickly as possible. The instructions in the tool help you to always keep an overview.

  • Suitable for both beginners and experts

  • Structured guidance through the process

  • Understand the interrelationship of different requirements

Three Stages

SORA Tool guides you through the SORA process in three steps: evaluation, demonstration and submission.

Evaluate the SAIL

Derive the Specific Assurance and Integrity Levels (SAIL) associated with your proposed Concept of Operations. Our intuitive user interface and thoughtful features allows you to focus on what is important.

  • In accordance with the Swiss regulation

  • Step by step with explanations

  • Interactive map display for ground and air risk evaluation

Demonstrate an acceptable level of safety

Identify the relevant Operational Safety Objectives (OSO) and demonstrate that the operation can be conducted with an acceptable level of safety. SORA Tool assists you by referencing relevant documents and giving advice.

  • Structured documentation with input fields

  • State-of-the-art text editor

  • Upload of attachments

Submit your SORA application

Export your SORA application with one click for submission to FOCA.

  • Comprehensive safety portfolio

  • Standardised application format

  • In compliance with JARUS guidelines on SORA Annex A

Further information

Some features you should know about.

  • All data is saved locally on your device

  • Share the .SORA file with your colleagues

  • User-friendly and intuitive design for easy usage of the tool

Create your SORA application for free

Whether you are an expert or not, the SORA tool is now available to everyone.

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Not sure whether you need to do a SORA?

The FOCA Drone Guide can answer this question and provides guidance on the regulatory requirements for your drone operation.

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